Avoid the high costs, long lead times, tariffs, and endless delays. Streamline your process by overmolding AEC® connectors in the USA.

Why use overmolding?

If you have overmolding requirements for your applications but need help getting started, this is a great opportunity to work with Amerline®. Our AEC connectors already provide you with quality, pricing and lead time advantages over the competition, why go overseas to overmold?

You can expect a quick turn-around time on your project. We will manage the product development phase through a team-based approach, from selecting the correct tooling to ensuring the material meets your requirements.

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Amerline’s Overmolding Process

Basics of Overmolding

Amerline’s low pressure injection molding process utilizes thermoplastic material that is injected into a mold cavity to encapsulate the backshell area of the connector in a cable assembly. Once it solidifies you have a great looking connector assembly that you can be confident will withstand the harshest of conditions as well as having enhanced UV resistance. That same environmental protection can be used to encapsulate PC boards in an overmolded PCB assembly. Superior results for minimal investment that is tough and robust.

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We’ll work with you to create a custom mold or see if we can reduce the tooling cost by creating inserts to modify an existing mold. Based on expected usage, molds can be made from tool steel or aluminum. Bring us your project and our world class team will turn it into a success. Our team includes the top experts in the industry to assure you the on-time, correct tooling solution every time.

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Overmolding Materials

Our standard hot melt encapsulant is a black thermoplastic compound with a UV stabilizer to provide added protection from the elements. Based on your application, we can select a different formulation or color that will better suit the project’s overmolding material requirements. Your application is critical and will receive the formulation to produce maximum performance.

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Benefits of Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Overmolding is great for abrasion resistance as well as adding improved strain relief and flexibility to your assembly. Watertight sealing for your most sensitive components is essential for a durable assembly. Besides the functionality benefits, overmolding gives your cable assembly a high-quality aesthetic, promoting an image of performance and durability.

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Overmolding Applications

Overmolded electronics are used in industries such as automotive, industrial, medical, and military. From withstanding harsh outdoor environments for military missions to fitting into confined spaces for medical or industrial applications, an overmolded connector solution will meet your requirements.

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